Platform specific plugins

Learn how you can integrate UNLOQ with other platforms

The WordPress plugin

When integrating with a WordPress site, the first you have to do is to verify your site's domain and create an UNLOQ application selecting the WordPress implementation type. Once you've done so, go to your application's API keys and have that information in standby.

Next, open up you WordPress administrative dashboard and go to Plugins - Add new to install the UNLOQ WordPress plugin. You can do so by either searching for UNLOQ and install the official plugin or manually downloading the latest release from our Github page and upload it to your site's plugins folder.

Once the plugin has been install, you should see a new entry in your left admin menu for UNLOQ. The first time you access it, it will show you a setup form, requesting your application's API key and login widget key. You can continue to enter the requested keys, grabbing them from your other tab that contains them.

The next step is to configure how will your users interact with the login widget. You can choose to use the plugin in UNLOQ-only authentication, where traditional username and password authentication is disabled, allowing your users to only use their UNLOQ device to authenticate. You can also choose to go with UNLOQ or passwords which essentially lets the user choose which form of authentication to use.

In case you want to enable auto user registration, you can go to Settings - General and for Membership, select the option Anyone can register. Don't forget to assign the default role for a new user. Users already in your database will be able to login with UNLOQ as long as they have a profile with the same email as their Wordpress user.

Note: selecting UNLOQ-only authentication means that once you logout from your WordPress's dashboard, you can only login with UNLOQ, so make sure that the e-mail used as your WordPress admin is the same as the one you have setup your UNLOQ device with, otherwise you'll be locked out of your site and have to manually reset the plugin by connecting to the site's database and disabling the plugin. If the e-mail is different, you can verify a new e-mail in your UNLOQ app by creating a new profile, under the Settings in-app menu.

You have now integrated UNLOQ into your WordPress application and enabled passwordless login. Next, you can go ahead and personalize your UNLOQ application.

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