Getting started with UNLOQ

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General terminology

Before you continue, here are a few terms that we use and what they mean

  • Account - an account that was created in our mobile application, having a verified e-mail address
  • Organization - An entity that holds up billing information and all other associated entities with an account, such as applications, domains, custom mobile apps. When you create an organization, you are the owner and can delegate administrator access to other accounts.
  • Domain - When adding a domain, you are essentially proving that you own or have direct access to the domain, thus validating your intentions of creating an application on that domain. Domains can be in the following states:
    • Verified - the domain can be used by an application to enter live mode and route approval requests.
    • Pending - the domain is not yet verified and cannot be used to enter live mode.
    • Sandbox - the domain is used for development only, the only ones that can perform approval requests are you and other admins.
  • application - The single entity that defines how approval requests are handled, using the login widget or doing server-to-server API calls. It also defines firewall rules and limitations on what information the application requires from the user. an application requires a verified domain to be used in live mode.
  • Custom mobile app - A generated white-labeled version of the UNLOQ mobile app, which you can distribute to your end users with customizable UI.
  • Approval request - A push notification that is sent to the end user's device, requiring them to either approve or deny an action. We currently offer the following approval requests:
    • Authentication - When a user wants to login to a page using their UNLOQ or custom generated app
    • Authorisation - When a user is required to approve or deny a sensitive action that is initiated by your application
    • Encryption key - When your application requests access to the user's personal encryption key, in order to decrypt his sensitive data.
    • Enroll - When UNLOQ is used as the second factor and the user wants to enable the two-step verification on your application.
  • Web hook - A request that is performed by the UNLOQ API to your application, in order to announce your application that an event occurred.

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