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Workflow management with UNLOQ

We noticed that one of the problems businesses face is the management of processes. In a world where employees and customers are less and less in front of a computer, the time that's needed for a task to be approved and moved from one stage to another is increasing.

UNLOQ allows a business to optimise this through either simple push notifications or transaction authorisations. While transaction authorisations are recommended for more sensitive actions where a user needs to respond in real time (30 seconds or less) and the business needs a confirmation code to be stored with a third party, simple notifications can work for all other cases. In this case there's no restriction in terms of time to respond to a request and the user might have the option to select from multiple options.

One use case would be a business process management solution (BPM) where a specific action needs to be approved by a manager before the actions can move to the next step. While this is still possible in a traditional web based solution, the time needed to approve the action tends to be longer, especially in case the manager is traveling often. With UNLOQ, they could receive a notification on his phone that he / she can approve while traveling.

Another use case is a medical personnel request to access a patient records in a Electronic Health Management system (EHR). In current settings, the medical personnel would make the request and expect the user to access his/her account on a computer, review and accept the request. With UNLOQ, the patient could receive a notification that he/she can approve on the spot. Even more, in this particular case, the request could combine the simple approval flow with a personal encryption key, both of them being sent with the patient response.

In order to use transaction authorisations and notifications, your users are required to either login with UNLOQ or use UNLOQ as their two-step verification.

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