Getting started with UNLOQ

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Setting up a custom mobile app

Custom mobile apps allow you to clone the UNLOQ mobile app under your own brand, personalize it with your brand's colors and distribute it to your end-users (either by using an official channel, or by providing the actual app archive) as being your own.

In order to create a custom mobile app, go to the Custom mobile apps menu and click the New mobile app button. You will then be required to enter the following information:

  • Mobile app name - the name of your mobile app that your end users will see. This name will also appear on Google Play and the App Store as the application name. Note that once set, the name cannot be changed.
  • Short description - a short description of your custom mobile app
  • Multi-language support - allows the user to change between pre-defined language packs.
  • Account on-boarding - decide how the user will initiate the on-boarding process

Once you created your custom mobile app, you can add a supported platform and personalize it.

Note: The first time you generate a build of your custom mobile app, you will be subscribed to the 99$/month custom app subscription with a 30-day trial period.

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