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Secure shopping mobile app

Let's assume you have a shopping web site, but you do not have a mobile application to work with it. You want to have a mobile presence but do not have the necessary time or money to develop a mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms, so you go on and create a custom mobile app and make it work with your responsive application.

Before you generate your custom mobile app, you can add up to 3 in-app menu items that translate into native web views. A web view is a miniature browser that can be executed inside your custom mobile app, enabling you to essentially load a web page in a native mobile application.
Let us proceed by adding the 3 in-app menu items:
» Products points to
» Shopping Cart points to
» Account points to

Once a user downloads and creates an account in your generated mobile app, they will see 3 additional items in the menu drawer. Selecting them will open an in-app web view, perform a request to the associated URL and render the resulting HTML. But wait, there's more!

Since the user is an UNLOQ authenticated user, they should be able to be automatically logged in to your application, right? This is exactly what happens. When the web view performs the first GET request to your URL, a custom HTTP Authorisation header will be sent along containing a Bearer {deviceKey} authorisation token. Your server can now perform an API call to v1/token/device to retrieve the user's information (e-mail, unloqId, first name, last name, etc) and create a user session.

You now have an authenticated user that is browsing your shopping application, using your generated custom mobile application, with your own brand! No app-development required.

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