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Collect feedback with UNLOQ

One of the UNLOQ features is custom notifications. These are push notifications that are delivered to the user's phone at a time of your convenience. One could use them either as a one way communication channel to inform users about different changes in their application or as a two way communication channel. In this case, users have the option to select one of the predefined responses and UNLOQ sends back to the service user's option.

A common use case is feedback collection. For example, one could set up a rule where all users that have not visited the service in the past x days receive a notification asking them the reasons for which they've been silent. Another frequent use case is cart abandonment. In this case, the service can still engage with its users reminding them about the products or asking them to select the one they'd like the most (one or many). The service can further integrate automatic follow up actions based on user's response like special offers that depends on users immediate action.

Another use case is the order-announcement-feedback service types (think UBER). For example, a user can order an item through a service, the service notifies them that the item has arrived and after consumption the user is asked to provide feedback. With UNLOQ, this can be implemented easily through a combination of simple and multiple choices notifications.

In order to use notifications, your users are required to either login with UNLOQ or use UNLOQ as their two-step verification. Keep in mind that users can always disable notifications from your application, therefore the content of your notifications should be meaningful for each user.

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