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Subscriptions and payments

UNLOQ service fees are based on two different models:

  • Per number of users per month. The amount you'll have to pay each month depends on the services you want to use (authentications & transaction authorisations, notifications, encryption keys) and the number of active users. An active user is one of your users that during a one month period (from 1st to 30th/31st of any calendaristic month) has performed at least one of the actions described above.

    All subscriptions start with a free plan up to 100 users. Once you approach this limit we'll ask you to update your billing information so you don't risk blocking your users to access your services. We will not charge you in the first month you pass the 100 users mark. Starting the following month we'll count the number of active users at the end of that month and we'll invoice in arrears on the first of the upcoming month.

    Note that the number of active users are counted per organisation, regardless of how many applications you have integrated with UNLOQ. There'll be no double charges for a user in case they uses multiple applications. Also, in case you use a discount / coupon code this will apply only to this type of subscription, but not for generating custom mobile applications.

  • Monthly subscription. This is used for custom applications we generate for you and your users. Note that each application is charged individually. If you'd like to generate the same application for both iOS and Android please name it the same so it is considered one.

    Before you generate the application files for your mobile application we'll ask you to add your billing information. Starting that point you'll have one month to deploy and test the application under the one month trial period. Once the period ends we'll charge you the monthly subscription fee for the next period unless you cancel before the trial period ends. In case you cancel during a paid period, you'll still be able to use the application until the end of the month. Note that subscriptions created for custom mobile applications are charged in advance and have a different billing cycle than the charges based on usage defined at first point.

  • In case you have any further questions, for high volume plans, discounts or on-premise installations, please contact us.